Terms & Conditions

Modified: May 6, 2022
These Terms and Conditions constitute the User Agreement and Terms of Service (hereafter the “Terms & Conditions”) between Blockchain Privacy Partners dba Nerian Network (referred to as “Nerian” or the “Network”) and any person, customer, or entity (referred as the “User”) utilizing the website, Nerian Protocol and any products, features and services provided thereon (“Nerian Services”). These Terms & Conditions do not create any agency, partnership, or joint venture between Nerian and User. By signing up for an account through Nerian or any associated websites, APIs, or mobile applications, the User has read and consents to the Terms & Conditions. The User also agrees to Nerian’s Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct. These Terms & Conditions may be amended and updated from time to time at the sole discretion of Nerian. Revised versions will be considered effective as of the date and time posted on the Nerian Site.
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    Nerian Services.
Nerian is about data ownership. A platform is accessible for applications to deploy in a data secure environment. One of the applications we build ourselves allows users to create their own digital profile in which they have control and are rewarded for their data being shared. This will be applied to an advertisement model that focuses on the user's intention rather than attention. Nerian is building its own infrastructure - with real physical servers - to be independent of conventional cloud services to ensure a data secure environment.
1.1 The Nerian Genesis Nodes. The Genesis Nodes (or any other nodes built on the network, will be referred to as "Nodes") are computer software run on servers which are built on a decentralized Web3 network, based in Belgium. A Node operator can obtain ownership of the software license by purchasing it in the native NERIAN token. Each Node comes with a license which would be tokenized into an NFT which would enable the User to trade the said license on the open market. These nodes also generate daily rewards based on a halving model where the rewards pool is predetermined and fixed.
1.2 Nerian Network. Nerian will act as an L2 solution allowing users to store and transfer their personal data on the blockchain. It would also be a launchpad for other XRPL projects to launch dApps that can be run upon the network's Nodes.
1.3 NERIAN Reward. Each User, whether partaking in staking mechanisms or acting as a Node owner, will be eligible to receive rewards as determined by the team. The team reserves the right to adjust or modify the rate at which these rewards are paid out at any time and such changes will be communicated with the community beforehand. Rewards on the network are solely paid out in the native NERIAN token directly to the user's wallet. The NERIAN Reward is not being offered to investors and there is no Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to promote these rewards. Like BTC (which is the digital reward generated from the Bitcoin blockchain), the NERIAN Reward is created through a unique blockchain protocol. The NERIAN Reward, any NFT, and any other digital reward have monetary value, however, the team cannot control or determine the value when sold to or obtained from a third party.
1.4 Nerian App
1.4.1. Nerian will provide each User with a Nerian App. Nerian will never take custody or control over any NFT or digital reward stored in a User’s Nerian App. The Nerian App does not store, send or receive any NFT or reward, but such transactions occur directly on the XRPL. Instead of the Nerian App, the User may use any compatible digital app or wallet provided by a third-party company that safely connects to the XRPL (currently XUMM and D'cent wallets support the network's token and related products. A User may be able to use the Nerian App or other compatible wallet to send and receive any NFT or digital reward with other users of the Network. Nerian does not offer any user the ability to exchange one form of currency for any other form of currency (fiat or digital). Nerian App is not a custodian, exchange or money transmitter.
1.4.2. When a User creates a Nerian App, the Network's software generates cryptographic private keys and public key pairs that the User must use to send and receive any NFT or digital reward supported on the Network. The User is solely responsible for storing, outside of Nerian’s Services, a backup of any User’s Nerian App, private key(s), or transaction information that the User maintains in the Nerian App or otherwise with the Network's Services. If the User does not backup the Nerian App, the User may not be able to access the service in the event that Nerian discontinues some or all of the Network's services.
1.4.3. In order for a transaction to be validated on the Network, any transaction through the Nerian App must be confirmed and recorded in the distributed ledger (XRPL) associated with the Network. The Network is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network supported by the users of XRPL, which is not owned, controlled or operated by Nerian.
1.4.4. Nerian has no control over any NFT or digital reward (including the Nerian Reward) generated through the Network or the Nerian App, and cannot ensure that any transaction details a User submits via the Network's services and Nerian App will be confirmed or processed on the XRPL. The User agrees and understands that the transaction details submitted by the User via the Nerian services and Nerian App may not be completed or may be delayed by the XRPL or any supporting blockchain used to process the transaction. Nerian does not guarantee that the Nerian App can transfer title or right in any NFT or digital reward, and Nerian makes no warranties of title of any kind. Once transaction details have been submitted to the XRPL, Nerian cannot assist the User to cancel or otherwise modify such transaction or details.
1.4.5. In the event of a fork of the Network or any other supported blockchain, Nerian may not be able to support the User’s activity related to Nerian or any other supported NFT or reward. The User agrees and understands that in the event of a fork of the Network, any transaction associated with the Nerian App or Network's services may not be completed, maybe partially completed, incorrectly completed, or substantially delayed. Nerian is not responsible for any loss incurred by any User caused in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by a fork of the Network.
1.4.6. With respect to the Nerian App, Nerian does not receive or store a User’s Nerian App password, or any keys. Nerian cannot assist any User with Nerian App password retrieval. The User is solely responsible for remembering, storing and keeping secret the User’s Nerian App PIN (password), keys and address. Any NFT or digital reward a User has stored within its Nerian App may become inaccessible if the User does not know or keep secret its Nerian App keys and PIN. Any third party with knowledge of one or more of a User’s credentials (including, without limitation, a backup phrase, App identifier, PIN, or keys) can dispose of the NFT or digital rewards in the User’s Nerian App.
1.4.7. Nerian does not currently charge a fee for the Nerian App, receiving, sending, or storing NERIAN. However, Nerian reserves the right to do so in the future, and in such case, any applicable fees will be displayed prior to the User incurring such fee. Notwithstanding, the Network may have Blockchain Transaction Fees required to transact NFT or digital reward transactions through the XRPL. Nerian may attempt to calculate for the User any Blockchain Transactions Fees, though such calculation may be inaccurate or excessive. The User may select a greater or lesser fee, and the User is solely responsible for paying any Blockchain Transaction Fees required on the XRPL. Nerian will neither advance nor fund any Blockchain Transaction Fee on any User’s behalf nor be responsible for any excess or insufficient fee calculation.
1.4.8. From time to time, there may be programs in place to allow the User to receive a reward, in the form of Nerian Reward, NFT, or otherwise, based on actions taken by the User, whether it be by referral or other programs in place at the time (“Additional Rewards”). The User understands that Nerian makes no representations or warrants regarding the Additional Rewards. Notwithstanding or limiting the foregoing, Nerian further makes no representations or warrants surrounding the operation of any Nerian services or that said Nerian services/Additional Rewards will be error-free or uninterrupted. The User accepts the sole responsibility for taking any and all actions to obtain any Additional Rewards and holds Nerian harmless for any opportunity cost or losses that occur as a result of the non-receipt of anticipated Additional Rewards, monetary or otherwise.