The price of a Genesis Node starts at $5000 USD paid in NERIAN tokens. This will be the purchase price for the first 100 nodes. A conversion rate will be applied automatically allowing you to purchase a node at the market price of that moment; dividing $5000 USD (or the node price of that moment) by the current market price of the NERIAN token.
Example: If the price of the NERIAN token equals $0.10 USD, then a node will cost you 50,000 NERIAN tokens. If the price equals $0.20 USD, the node will cost you 25,000 NERIAN tokens.
The price of the Genesis Nodes will increase over time as more nodes come online. Every 100 nodes coming online will result in a $250 USD increase of a node. This means that node number 101 will be sold for $5250 USD and node number 201 for $5500 USD.
A brief overview of the Genesis Node pricing schedule