A pool of 10,959 NERIAN will be distributed daily to node operators during the first year. Every year, on April 1st, a halving of the pool will take place. These halvings take place to incentivise a higher price of the token and ensure the sustainability of the protocol.
​Rewards will be distributed based on a point-based system, with every node operator having assigned a certain amount of points equaling a number of rewards from the daily pool to be distributed. A fixed amount of points (20 points) will be assigned automatically with the possibility to earn extra rewards by bringing other people to the network (1 point per referral) and 2 points for running a Fractional Node. The pool will be distributed based on the number of points. Naturally, the more points you have, the more rewards will be assigned to you. The distribution pool will be divided by the total amount of points allocated.
For the first 90 days of your node(s) being online, your rewards will be locked. After this grace period, your tokens will be rewarded to you.
An overview of the distribution model for Node Operators